Sponsor an Animal

Sponsor Tara for a year: 10,000

Tara in Hindi signifies hill or tower and our beautiful cow Tara towers above

Sponsor Payal for a year: 5,000

Payal means “Anklet” in Hindi. Payal is a funny girl, She thinks she’s donkey

Sponsor Lady for a year: 5,000

Lady is a lovely girl, always wanting cuddles from our staff, Will you sponsor.

Sponsor Mini for a year: 5,000

Mini is a funny, Energetic little dog, who is shy at first but becomes

Sponsor Pickle for a year: 10,000

Pickle is an affectionate donkey who follows us round the shelter and just loves

Sponsor Dodo for a year: 10,000

Sponsor Dodo our sweet donkey with a crippled leg. He is best friends with