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Support Our Work

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Become a monthly donor and help us continue to rescue street animals.

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Sterilisations ( Animal Birth Control )

Help keep the street dog population under control and prevent unwanted puppies. This allows humans and street animals to co-exist amicably.

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Rabies is a vicious, ancient virus spread through dog bites that inflicts slow, painful deaths on dogs and humans alike. But Rabies vaccinations are a simple and cost-effective way of stopping this terrible disease in its tracks. Janice’s Trust conducts regular anti-rabies vaccination drives on community street dogs as well as local people’s pets.

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Renovate Our Shelter

Janice’s Trust inherited a very old bungalow in a state of disrepair, along with a plot of land.
We have been working hard to renovate the bungalow and turn it into a modern, well-equipped clinic and treatment centre.

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