See our dedicated Wish List on Amazon India to order items have them delivered directly to our shelter! We have everything to choose from, from dog food to office supplies, heating lamps to medicated shampoos. Items start from as little as 75 Rupees and many come with Free Shipping. What are you waiting for? Animals in India need your help.
If you’d like to deposit items at our shelter we would be very grateful to receive the following:

Veterinary medicines
Hay for our cows and donkeys
Dog collars
Dog leads
Dog and cat food
Old blankets and towels
Dog toys
Dog chews

Old plastic chairs for our dogs to sit on
Lockable steel cupboards
Brushes (to brush our animals)
Old paint
Fencing materials
Cleaning materials
Old mattresses (for cows or donkeys who cannot stand)

THANK YOU for your generous support.

Phone: +91 9422603733
Email: info@janicestrust.org